Featured Artist: Kohei Nawa

featuredbanner Hi guys!

Today’s featured artist is Kohei Nawa. He is a Japanese artist who creates the most interesting installation pieces. I came across his installation titled Foam online one day and am so intrigued! I have never really made an installation piece but I have always love the idea of completely transforming a space, and totally immersing  people into your art.  For this installation in Japan, Kohei created LOTS of bubbles that grew and changed form inside of a black room. The bubbles came up from the floor and were made out of glycerine, detergent and water. He experimented with different ratios, trying to create a “sturdier” foam that would keep it’s shape longer.

nawa3Nawanawa1nawa2nawa4I love the atmosphere that has been created…and the awesome lighting really makes it look very spacey. Too cool! Check out Kohei’s website to see more of his work! Have a good Monday!

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Featured Artist: Amy Hamilton


It’s Monday! I feel a little weird today…usually I don’t mind Mondays but today I’m just not feelin’ it. How about some really beautiful and colourful works of art to patch things up a little? Let’s get into it!

Today’s featured artist Amy Hamilton creates these really awesome animal portraits. She is a graphic design student from Kingston Ontario (I’m from Ontario too!!!) where she studies at St. Lawrence College. It doesn’t say on her website but I’m sure these illustrations are a combo of hand drawn and Adobe Illustrator. If you’ve ever opened Adobe Illustrator you know how insanely BIG of a program it is, and how tricky and time consuming it is to learn how to use it. This girl is making magic! Visit her website to see more of her work! I’m sure she is on the path to success as a designer and illustrator.


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